I did it I joined the gym

So I’m not a gym bunny yet, but mentally I can tell the difference already…. I feel more chilled an my sleep is even better….. I went to bed at 10 last night an slept straight away…. Tell me, Who exercises for mental health?

Yesterday for lunch I had a Tuna salad…. added lemon juice and olive oil and a tin of Tuna to a premade salad. What’s your favourite pre and after gym food and snacks ?

I forgot to take a pic 😞

After the gym I popped into Aldi’s and got a feta an pecan pie and had a few chips with it.

Have you got any after gym dinners or snack ideas ?

After 20mins on cross trainer I felt like giving up, I stuck with the rest of my regime, my aim is to be there for an hour an half each session.

The following is a little regime that I’m going to improve as I go…. any tips for what machines to use let me know…..

20 mins cross trainer

10 arm curl

15 -20 ab crunch

10 cycling

My gym has a fancy wifi rowing machine so I want to attempt it again…. but no idea how to use it.

I use Better Gym they have a concession off peak fee for anyone on benefits. For a working single mum it’s a great help.

Filter was needed then for sure 🤣

Thanks for reading…..

Please don’t share this pic ❤️

Next week will be a test for me £15 – £20 food budget for 6 days.

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Take care all !

A step in the right direction

I hate feeling “fat” and today is just one of those days. I’m sitting in a spa and waiting for my husband to have his treatments then it’s my turn. Before I’d be in the pool enjoying all the facilities the place has to offer, today it’s a chai tea and croissant In the cafe. Why? Because for a while now I’ve not been happy with my body…. No matter how healthy I eat, how much I cut down certain foods, stop the junk. I still don’t loose a major amount of weight, I tend to yo yo a few pounds here an there. My anxiety an money worries have stopped me from going to the gym, stopped me from my own personal therapy running, for fear of being laughed at. I’ve promised my self I’ll start even if it is to tone my mum tum a 1000 times yet still I don’t.

I don’t want diet tips or sympathy I’m giving my self enough of the latter today. But I am giving my self a kick, today I feel sorry for my self, tomorrow I go to the gym and sign up. I will rota my shift hours to times where it’s quieter at the gym and go and get fit. If not for myself for my daughter.

Now for the good part, Food ! I love comfort food especially on days like today where I feel glum and the weather matches my mood. Pasta just makes everything better right !

Cheesy vegetable pasta !

A new favourite in the house, my BLW child has become a beige food child. So to keep it interesting and healthy usually using the left over veg from a Sunday roast Broccoli and Cauliflower I make this lush cheese pasta. I usually get Madam to help me with foods like this, she’ll add the cheese in and watch mummy cut the veg and attempt to help with that too.

Ingredients and directions

2 cups of pasta, Broccoli and cauliflower. finely chopped can be cooked or fresh, (I’ve tried with both and both as good) 1 vegetable stock cube &

Plenty of shredded cheese, 2-3 cups. I use cheddar but I’m sure Edam and others would work as well.

Cook the pasta and veg (6-12 mins) drain and add the cheese keep the pan on the hob at a medium simmer, keep stirring in for about 3 mins or till nice and gooey. Serve and leave to stand cool for a few mins and enjoy.

You can replace the veg with a canned veg like Sweetcorn. It’s probably no the healthiest meal but it’s filling and great for those gloomy days. Enjoy 😉

This is my own recipe, please don’t share etc 🙂

Thanks for reading all

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My budgeting life.

In October I had to learn how to start budgeting. How to buy the cheapest groceries and home essentials. I’ve done so well living on a budget of £20-25 a week sometimes going over when I’ve needed to buy home essentials.

Morrison’s have been my go to place not just because they’re so close to me, the quality of fruit an vegetables have never let me down and can stretch them for a week. The meat and chicken are great frozen or fresh. I ideally go fresh but I do have a stash of frozen meat and chicken to dip into. For home essentials I do tend to traipse the stores and online for cleaning essentials. I find B&M really good Asda and Aldi’s cleaning events are fantastic if you can afford to stock up.

I’m obsessed with simple cooking, I haven’t got the time to be mixing and measuring that’s not my style. But I do find getting great spices and stock really make a meal.

With the cold and flu season upon us our house Favourite soup is Şehriye soup (vermicelli soup)    

Steps: finely cut one onion, (red is a personal fave) add a cup of Vermicelli, Fry onion and Vermicelli till onion is browned add vegetable stock with 400ml boiled water, cover and stir occasionally. Once it’s 10 mins in add some salt and lemon juice to taste leave to simmer for another 5 add another 50ml of hot water if needed, leave to boil for another 5 and you have a delicious soup. #vermicelli #soup #cypriot #şehriyeçorbası #vegetarianrecipes #cookingonabudget #feelbetterfood #heartwarmingfood 

Thank you for reading

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